A person diven by passion and motivated to be better personally & professionally, worried about that what i do, improves not only myself but my surrounding environment too.


My work as well as with everything i do, from designing anything to making a sandwich, with every action, i always try to transmit: creativity, vision, a well thought idea, being careful, respectful, and trying to reinvent and see stuff differently, differently better of course, aiming to get away from what's considered ordinary, context disrupting action and thinking.

     While a process of product/industrial design is often thought in resulting an object, i enjoy focusing too in an object's emotional charge, on the idea transmited by it, and the thinking process behind it, i like to produce "stuff", "results" that inspire, amaze and make others think: "what a good idea!"... stronger products.

     Researching and being in constant update of what is being thought and done around the world within my interests is very important and motivating for me, being inspired by other people and ideas push me to be better and with my work possibly inspire and motivate others as well.